Yankees Hater

Yankees Hater

“Here in New York, we play for world championships, not division titles.” Let me precede that by announcing, as Stuart Scott would say, that there is officially a “hater in the house”. Now let me give you some insight into my thoughts and emotions towards the New York Yankees before my cousin said that. I love, respect, and admire New York and HAD respected the New York Yankees and their proud and storied organization. How can you not respect the 26 championships? The great Hall of Fame players? Now, let’s fast forward to my thoughts and emotions after what my cousin said. I can’t believe this, but my cousin has made me into an absolutely unabashed, vengeful, biased, and completely subjective Yankess (and also Mets) hater. How can I possibly allow my own flesh and blood to get away with stating such an ignorant and untrue thought? Last I remember, the Yankees haven’t been World Champs since the year 2000. If you haven’t already guessed from his comment, I am a die-hard Atlanta Braves fan, have always been and will always be, regardless of whatever. We have been the nemesis of the Yankees in the past and have absolutely dominated the New York Mets over the years.

The Yankees? They’re confident, arrogant, and successful, embodying the New York spirit and character perfectly. They have continued to win, even as they continually change their roster and experiment with different players and absurdly high payrolls. They have the financial upside to continue to remain competitive for years, but the talent they have in their farm system is not enough to carry them too much longer. The end is near for the empire. Yes, I said it, they will have to rebuild and retool, just like every other franchise eventually has to do. The Yankees, yes the New York Yankees, are not immune to their oversights. How can they overlook their lack of young talent in their farm systems? How can they keep paying washed up players so much money? How many recent acquisitions of the Yankees have lived up to the hype? A-Rod? Sheffield? Who else? Giambi has largely been a bust (although he is trying to prove critics wrong), Johnson has yet to perform up to the levels of his contract, Jeter’s skills have eroded and he isn’t worth the money he’s getting paid (although he more than makes up for it the women he gets…wouldn’t it be great to be his wingman? ), Kevin Brown was a disaster (although he hails from the mighty flats of Georgia Tech), Mussina (Moose? What kind of nickname is that? Are moose known to be apathetic, underachieving, and overly paid? If so, perfect nickname) still has yet to play up to his potential and contract, and the jury is still out on the most recent traitorous acquistion of theirs, Johnny Damon. Mariano Riviera is still in the elite class of closers, but he is no longer invincible, as evident by his recent performance against the Devil Rays. The Yankees barely crept into the playoffs last year. They had maximized their aging talent and got into the playoffs, only to be eliminated in the first round. Are you telling me that although they are a year older, they can make that same kind of run again this year? They are floating above .500, fighting hard to somehow stay within shouting distance of the Boston Red Sox. Will they be able to do it? You know what this Yankees Hater thinks.

Don’t you find it odd that their players are approaching 75 years old, but they’re not allowed to have beards? Maybe Steinbrenner wants his team to appear younger than they are, hence the rule that you have to be clean shaven. A good idea, but it isn’t working. How come Steinbrenner pays his older players so much money? Doesn’t he know that they are already eligible for, and probably already collecting, social security? The Boss should know better than that. It’s like he wants to get all the washed up greats to retire as Yankees, so maybe then eventually one day, every future hall of famer will retire as a Yankee in Cooperstown and then there will only be Yankees in Cooperstown. Just you watch, after Barry Bonds announces his retirement, Steinbrenner will fly him first class to New York so he can play another year, and he’ll probably do the same to Clemens and whoever else. It’s a conspiracy, but how far fetched is it? He wants to monopolize the Hall of Fame.

Their pitching staff is old and their younger pitchers are inexperienced. Their pitching will not carry them into the postseason. Well, I guess you figure their offense is more than potent enough to lead them once again into the postseason to make a title run again, huh? Well, it is too, way too inconsistent to be able to compensate for the erratic pitching evident on a nightly basis. By the way, why have they been so horrible in night games so far, what’s the reason for that? Jeter and A-Rod must be painting Manhattan in pinstripes and closing down happy hour before the game). Their defense is average, if best. Is there any way you can honestly tell me that they are capable of defeating the defending champion White Sox or the Boston Red Sox? They wouldn’t be able to hit the White Sox’s pitching and they don’t stand a chance at stopping Big Papi and Manny being Manny of the Red Sox. There is no way they can get out of the AL. It is too loaded with teams that are clearly better and more talented than the New York Yankees. If they do get into the postseason, I will be surprised, dissapointed, and disgusted because after all, I am now a Yankees hater. But the Yankees will be even more dissapointed when they actually DO miss the playoffs entirely (which also means no division title) because after all, in New York, they play for world championships, not division titles.

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